With a range of wardrobe designs increasingly in popularity, 2019 brings up bespoke lighting, stunning back wall accents and innovative new storage options. Check out our top picks for this year’s wardrobe design trends and choose your perfect storage system…

Back wall accents

When you’re looking at wardrobe designs, you may not pay too much thought to the interior décor. However, adding a back accent can complement your room décor and make your wardrobe system stand out. Whether you opt for bright paints, muted wallpapers or wood panelling, a back wall accent can change your wardrobe from a functional storage space into a stunning, room-enhancing feature.

Built in drawers

Traditionally, people relied on numerous pieces of bedroom furniture to house their clothes, shoes and linens. With customisable wardrobe systems, however, 2019 is seeing more and more people switch to a one-stop storage solution.

With built-in drawers, hanging rails, hooks and shelves, your wardrobe can give you everything you need when it comes to bedroom storage. Enabling you to maintain a more minimalist environment in your bedroom, a fully kitted-out wardrobe system gives you a range of shelving, drawers and hanging options.

LED Strip Lighting and Down Lights

Whatever the size of your wardrobe, good lighting can make it far more functional. In addition to this, the right lighting options can add to the feel of your new wardrobe design and ensure it’s an integral part of your décor. In 2019, LED strip lighting and down lights are one of the most popular lighting options for in-wardrobe lighting.

LED strip lighting and down lights are not only energy efficient, but also look fantastic. The light they cast is crisp, refreshing and gives your wardrobe a sleek and well finished look thanks to their low-profile design.

In-built hampers

Your wardrobe isn’t just somewhere to store things haphazardly, it should provide a systematic and functional space for you to house a range of garments. As well as a range of storage options for freshly-pressed clothes, an in-built hamper gives you a discreet place to put your garments before they’re washed.

Instead of cluttering up your bedroom or bathroom with a clothes or linen hamper, you can incorporate any number of built-in hampers to your new wardrobe design. Ensuring all your garments can be stored in one location, and freeing up space in your bedroom and bathroom, built-in clothes hampers are fast-becoming one of the most popular design trends of 2019.

Innovative shoe storage

All wardrobes should cater for your shoes, and bespoke shelving systems may be just what you need. Effective shoe storage gives you somewhere to keep your shoes, but it also ensures they won’t be damaged. Without a dedicated shoe storage solution, you may simply throw shoes into the bottom of a wardrobe or leave them out on the floor. This can easily result in your favourite pair being damaged or becoming scuffed more quickly.

With dedicated shoe storage, however, you’ll always have somewhere to keep your footwear, and you won’t struggle to find a matching pair either! Whether you’ve got hundreds of heels or trillions of trainers, bespoke shoe and footwear options give you the perfect space-saving storage solution.

Choosing a wardrobe design

Custom-built wardrobes give you a unique opportunity to create a functional storage solution and an aesthetically-pleasing feature. By assessing your storage needs and the dimensions of your room, bespoke wardrobes can be designed and manufactured just for you.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of custom-built wardrobes is the opportunity to make use of the space available. Whether your room has a sloping ceiling, receding alcoves or flat walls, every inch can be used to maximise the amount of storage space available to you.

Instead of wasting storage space due to gaps surrounding freestanding furniture, you can opt for wall-to-wall custom-built options, for example. This will ensure you’re able to make good use of the room and increase the amount of accessible storage space.

Furthermore, bespoke wardrobe design means your storage solutions will cater to your exact needs and specifications. If you routinely wear suits or high-end workwear, for example, additional hanging space can be added. Alternatively, if you’re the king of casual wear, extra shelving can be added to ensure you’ve got space for shorts, t-shirts and vests. Whatever garments you wear or shoes you favour, custom wardrobes can be designed to match your style.

With a focus on your needs, our custom-built wardrobes give you the opportunity to combine current trends with timeless functionality. Whether you prefer an ornate, decorative design or a minimalist, streamlined feel, bespoke wardrobes will complement your décor, give you a functional storage space and enhance your room.