Search terms featuring keywords and phrases such as ‘declutter’, ‘war on clutter’ and ‘makeover’ are among the most commonly used in early January, with many people looking for new ways to free up space and make their homes less cluttered and easier to keep clean and free of mess. Whether decluttering your home topped your New Year resolution list in 2017 or you opted to focus on something else this year, chances are that you and your family could use more space at home.

As Perth’s wardrobe specialists, the team at Lifestyle Wardrobes has helped many homeowners implement innovative storage solutions that empower them to repurpose their bedroom space. As you’ll realise after reading this short article, in most Australian homes it’s the bedrooms that offer the greatest potential for the implementation of storage solutions. That means if you’re looking for inventive ways to free your home of clutter and create more usable space, repurposing that spare space in the bedroom could provide you with the storage solution you’ve long been looking for.

Why Repurposing Bedroom Space is a Smart Solution

The Australian property market has been booming for some time now and shows no signs of abating any time soon, in fact, in most areas across the country, property prices have been steadily rising, with the effect that very few homeowners can afford to relocate to a larger home when required.

A popular solution to this issue has been home extensions, but not all properties can be made larger by adding an extra bedroom, converting the garage or, in the case of older, timber properties, raised to create an additional floor. So, what options are available to homeowners who aren’t able to make their homes larger? The most viable solution, one which can be implemented in most homes and is also remarkably cost-effective, is to repurpose bedroom spaces by installing built-in wardrobes.

Built-In Wardrobes – The Smart Choice

One of the most well-known advantages of installing built-in wardrobes in bedrooms is their space-saving and maximising qualities that enable homeowners to create more usable space in bedrooms. But built-in wardrobes, whether with hinged doors or sliding doors, can also be used to create more storage space than freestanding wardrobes, especially with built-ins that stretch from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, maximising every square inch of the available wall space. Even in bedrooms that have a recessed area, our wardrobes can be designed to utilise every inch of potential storage space.

Built-in wardrobes are, therefore, the smart choice when repurposing the space in your bedrooms for storage purposes and a variety of styles are available, including walk-in wardrobes, which are highly functional bedroom storage spaces that can be used to store more than clothes and personal items. As they’re large enough to walk into and can therefore be used to store more things than an average-size built-in, a single walk-in may be enough to resolve an entire household’s storage needs.

Repurposed Bedroom Space Configured to Your Storage Requirements

Whether a small built-in wardrobe with hinged doors, the perfect look for traditional and heritage-style homes, or a sleek walk-in wardrobe with sliding doors that further maximises space (as sliding doors don’t open out they’re very effective at creating more usable space in the room), our superb bedroom storage solutions are easily configured to meet your specific storage requirements.

In addition to overhead cupboards on floor to ceiling wardrobes that provide excellent storage space for rarely-used items or breakables that are best stored out of harm’s way, with a bespoke built-in from Lifestyle Wardrobes in Perth, you can configure your bedroom storage solution by combining:

  • Vertical units – Wire baskets, jewellery draws, shoe shelves and draw units
  • Horizontal units – Hanging shelves (double, ¾ or full) and shelving units

And that’s just the beginning, as we offer a wide variety of options including suspension wardrobe systems, corner units and trouser racks, among many others. As you’ll quickly come to realise upon discussing your requirements with one of our team members, built-in wardrobes can be designed and configured to store more than clothes and personal items. Therefore, if you’re looking to free up space and declutter other areas of the home, like the living room, for example, repurposing your bedroom space with a custom-made wardrobe from Lifestyle Wardrobes could be the ideal solution.

Storage Cupboards for the Bedroom

Our versatile, premium quality storage cupboards can be installed in any residential space, from living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens to home offices, entertainment rooms and even garages.

However, if you’re looking to repurpose spare space in the bedroom as part of your war on clutter, then you’ll find that these ideal storage solutions empower you to make even better use of the spare space in the bedrooms of your home. The Lifestyle Wardrobes team offers our extensive experience in delivering premium quality storage solutions, with our experienced designers looking forward to working closely with you to create an innovative bedroom storage solution that empowers you to declutter all areas of your home and keep your belongings out of the way and free from harm.

Like the beautiful custom-made wardrobes we create for Perth homeowners, the storage cupboards we can design and install in the bedrooms of your home are easily configured to meet your precise requirements. From a storage solution with shelves and drawers that stretch from wall to a unit stretching from floor to ceiling, or perhaps one that combines ample space for a flatscreen television, games console and DVD player with a variety of cupboards, drawers and shelves, we’ll help you to repurpose your bedroom space, empowering you to keep your home clutter-free.

Whether you’re interested in built-in wardrobes for all bedrooms, a walk-in wardrobe for the master bedroom or innovative storage cupboards for the kids’ rooms, enabling them to keep their toys, games and other things off the floor, let the design team at Lifestyle Solutions create the perfect bedroom storage solution, enabling you to take decisive action in your personal war on clutter.