“You never wear any of your clothes!”

These are a few words that may resonate with you, whether from a surprised partner or friend upon discovering your minefield of clothing. Although you may find yourself complaining about the mass of clothes that seem to rain down upon you every time you open the wardrobe doors, chances are, this is not a lingering thought and before you know it you will have moved on with your day.

Minimalist Wardrobe Organisation

We’d like to suggest an alternative, a step towards a lifestyle change. Dear readers, we present: Minimalism! Although this concept may seem daunting at first, we encourage you to relax. It doesn’t quite mean that you’ll end up in an empty room with echoing cupboards.

Fact: 4-5% of landfill waste is composed of thrown out clothing. This is not a great statistic in the space of becoming more conscious about waste and the importance of monitoring one’s carbon footprint. Before chucking out your old clothes, you should change how you view them to assess ways in which they may be transformed. Be it through a little DIY, recycling or simply giving them to someone with a greater need for them, the possibilities are endless.

Clothes and More Clothes

Sometimes it gets to the point where you feel inspired to do a deep cupboard cleanse. It’s usually after you discover that your once favourite pair of jeans was long lost to the pile of blue denim that is now at the back of your wardrobe. One of the best ways you could start is to use an afternoon to pull everything out and get to work.

Minimalist Organisation Means Learning To Let Go

We all have that “just-in-case” pile of clothing, lying in wait for the day you finally get invited to that masquerade dinner or disco-themed party. While the chances of this happening is more plausible for some, for most of us, they are simply gathering dust.

The beginning of a new season is a great time to begin afresh and a good time for a bit of reflection. Think back to the previous warmer season and you should easily be able to pinpoint what items you felt good in and those which you seem to have lost interest in. We like to give items a 12-month evaluation period. If you haven’t worn it in that time, it probably should not be in your cupboard.

Alternatively, if you find yourself really having a hard time letting go, another idea might be to lend out those less favourable items.

Clothes Swapping

If you have had your eye on that beautiful shirt your friend owns for some time, it might be an idea to suggest a clothes swapping party. Invite your friends over and tell them to bring a bag of three items that no longer bring them value or happiness. Once everyone is assembled, you can let the swapping begin! You never know, something you have worn just one too many times may bring absolute delight to someone else.

Should you live in a household with a few friends or family members of a similar size to you, another fun idea to try is to create a central clothing box. Be it a jersey box or a scarf box, whatever you decide, all of a sudden you can have that many more options without having to buy something new.

Patch it Up

For those clothing items in need of a minor fix here and there, take a bit of time to repair the odd hole or missing button. This is one great way that you can save money and have pride fixing up something that you really liked.

DIY Projects

Ready your Pinterest feed and sewing kits, it’s time to get creative! Even if you don’t have the imagination for it, there are tons of ideas online on ways to upcycle old clothes. For instance, you can transform those old t-shirts into hip, crop-tops or else create funky pencil cases from old jeans. The possibilities are endless. It will also feel so rewarding to get something “new” out of it.

Treasure for Another

Donating old clothes is another great way to pass along something that no longer brings you fulfilment.

Reality Check Time

Should you find yourself stuck with a pair of beautiful red heels that looked great in the shop but in reality are way too tight and uncomfortable, it’s time to let go. This is a sunk cost and they are of no use to anyone being shut away in that shoebox at the back of your closet. It’s important that you are comfortable in what you wear and some items are just not what we might have hoped for.

Additionally, empty spaces are not bad or need to be filled. It’s also a great way to be more budget-friendly as well as helping the environment.

Finally, just because something may no longer have any use to you, the personal sentiment it may hold is value in itself. Perhaps it reminds you of an important milestone or an event that evokes special memories, like your first school dance. Whatever the case, it might be nice to tuck away these items into a memory box rather than keeping them in your cupboard.