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In terms of functionality, after your bed the next most functional item in your bedroom is likely to be your wardrobe. However, while your bed performs a rather simple albeit important function, your wardrobe requires significantly more consideration as it provides storage for a variety of items, some of which you use regularly and others infrequently at the best of times. That means there’s a lot to consider when choosing the right built-in wardrobe for the bedrooms of your home.

At Lifestyle Wardrobes, we aim to make implementing the perfect storage solution as simple and easy for our clients as we can. However, buying a new built-in wardrobe is an important investment that can add outstanding value to your property, which means you need to make informed choices and decisions about your new wardrobes. Here are some tips to help you make the right choices.

Evaluate Your Current Wardrobe

A great place to start making smart decisions about your new built-in wardrobes is to evaluate your current wardrobes by asking yourself questions such as:

  • Do I need more shelf space, hanging space or drawers?
  • What do I currently have too much of? (shelf space, hanging space or drawers)
  • Is the height between shelves sufficient or could I use more or less space?

Chances are you never really give much thought to the positive qualities of your current wardrobe and you tend to notice what you dislike about it much more. To properly evaluate your wardrobe and get a good idea of how you want the new wardrobe to be configured, it’s important to take note of both the good and the bad as both are equally important when designing your new wardrobe.

Important Factors to Consider When Designing Your New Wardrobe

From shelving and hanging space configurations to the size of the wardrobe and the layout of the bedroom, there are so many crucially important factors that you’ll need to consider when designing your new built-in wardrobe. Here are some of the most important factors for you to think about:

The size of the room – If you’re thinking about having built-in (or walk-in) wardrobes installed and there’s no alcove or wall niche space for the wardrobe to occupy, you need to consider the size of the room. That means the question here for many is ‘How big is too big?’, which is a question that isn’t always easily answered.

Naturally, access to the windows can’t be compromised and there should be ample space to fit a bed and other bedroom furniture as well as allowing for foot traffic, so consider these important points.

Entry options (doors) – There are two entry options for you to select from, hinged and sliding doors, both of which are excellent choices from an aesthetic perspective, however, you need to consider the layout and size of the room as access to the wardrobe should be unfettered and easy. This is a very important consideration in small bedrooms and it’s also important in large bedrooms, including the master bedroom of the home.

Moreover, you need to think about your current situation along with the future, so although your children may currently have single beds, you may need to consider leaving enough space to access the wardrobe with a double bed in the room. After all, you don’t know who’ll occupy that bedroom if you decide to sell your home in five or ten years’ time, so also consider the future occupants.

Hinged door wardrobes are, generally speaking, better suited to traditional homes and sliding door wardrobes contemporary and modern homes, but nothing’s set in stone here and you’ll find that both options have a lot to offer, especially when you’ve selected the perfect materials and finishes.

Materials, colours and finishes – At Lifestyle Wardrobes in Perth, we offer clients a comprehensive selection of material, colour and finish options to enable you to create the perfect wardrobe space for your bedrooms. Whether your preference is for hinged or sliding wardrobe doors, we offer you a broad range of options that includes:

  • Coloured board doors – These doors are available in a great selection of different colours, styles and finishes to suit your aesthetic and design preferences.
  • Vinyl wrapped doors – A variety of attractive routing options such as mirror or glass inserts are available to enable you to customise your new wardrobe doors.
  • Plain or routed MDF doors – If you’re a DIY weekend warrior, we offer wardrobe doors that you can paint yourself.

Our wardrobe design specialists are always available to help you understand your options and make informed choices, so please don’t hesitate to get in contact to discuss the options available to you.

Why Choose Lifestyle Wardrobes for Your New Built-Ins?

Having built-in wardrobes designed and installed is an investment and you don’t want to take any chances with the success of what is a very important home improvement project. As there are many things to take into consideration and many decisions to make, it’s advantageous to have your new built-in wardrobes designed, crafted and installed by skilled designers and cabinetmakers which is why entrusting the creation of your new built-ins to Perth’s Lifestyle Wardrobes is a wise choice.

Expert advice – We’re proud to offer local homeowners expert advice about having new wardrobes created. Not only are there so many ways in which your new wardrobes can be configured but there are also many decisions to be made about materials, finishes and other options.

Quality products and workmanship – When you entrust the creation of your new walk-in wardrobes to our wardrobe specialists, you can rest assured that we’ll be using only high-quality products and that all work will be carried out by experienced and qualified designers and cabinetmakers.

Great customer service – We firmly believe that having new built-in wardrobes designed, crafted and installed should be a simple, hassle-free experience. Lifestyle Wardrobes places emphasis on providing our clients with excellent customer service and superior customer experiences.

For quality built-in wardrobes custom-made for your bedrooms, contact Lifestyle Wardrobes today.