Lifestyle Wardrobes WA specialises in designing bespoke spaces for WA residents. We focus on building wardrobes in Perth, but our shelves, drawers and other storage fixtures also have a place in other rooms of the house. In this post, we’re going to explore the possibility of transforming a room in your home into a quintessential man cave.  

Lest you dismiss the term ‘man cave’ outright as a made-up word, rest assured that this term actually warrants a listing in the Oxford English Dictionary. The OED defines ‘man cave’ like this:

A room or other part of a home regarded as a refuge for the man or men of a household.

To be fair, the OED mentions that this is a humorous term. It’s not something that you would use without at least a hint of levity. But jokes aside, the man cave can be a very real space set up in your home. And when it’s done right, it can bring a great deal of joy to the men who live there.



What Does a Modern Man Cave Look Like? 

A man cave is a versatile space that can serve many functions, but its main role is relatively clear. This is a space in which the men of the household can spend time alone or with friends, enjoying their favourite pastimes. With that in mind, a man cave is often equipped with the following:

  • Sofas
  • Entertainment centres
  • Video game consoles
  • Pool Table, table tennis table and/or dart board
  • Tables for card games
  • Wet bar
  • Mini fridge to keep drinks cold

A space like this is usually reminiscent of a man’s university days. It’s akin to a bachelor pad where he can spend time with friends, watch sport matches and generally enjoy a bit less stress and responsibility than everyday life is likely to throw at him. It’s a place where he can escape for an hour or two as time permits. 

Where in the House Is a Man Cave Located?

For some men, the ideal man cave would be a space where he could relax with a good book and a glass of wine. For others, it might be more sport-centred. Others might envision their man cave as a place where they can play poker with friends at the weekend. You might even get away with calling a workshop complete with tools and building materials as a man cave.

Along those lines, the type of room used to create a man cave is often found in the basement. It’s easy to set aside a space like this so that it feels separate from the rest of the house. In other words, it’s a place to which he can retreat.

Another popular place for a man cave is in the garage – especially if there are no cars parked in it. Again, this space ultimately feels separate from the rest of the house. If the man cave is also going to be used as a workshop or a place to work on cars or motorcycles, the garage makes more sense. Clean-up is easier to manage, and noise created working on the vehicles won’t be as much of a problem.



Keep These Tips in Mind When Designing a Man Cave

If you’re carving out a new space in the home to use as a man cave, there are a few key points to keep in mind. We’ll go over them in the following space:

  • Before you actually break out the tools, spend some time thinking about what type of theme you would like to use as inspiration for your man cave. This could be anything – a particular type of sport, rustic hunting lodge, nautical theme or a book-filled library. Establishing a theme will help you make more targeted decorating decisions as you progress.
  • Decide what the most important features of this space are going to be, so that you can establish where they are going to be located and then design and build around them. For example, if this is a place for playing billiards, a pool table is going to be the main centrepiece. If, on the other hand, the man cave is more for watching rugby or playing video games, the sofa and entertainment centre will take up most of the space.
  • Speaking of that sofa, you’ll also need to give plenty of thought to seating in the man cave. Do you prefer plush, comfortable armchairs and sofas, or will the focus be on bars with bar stools or a card table with folding chairs? If this is first and foremost a workshop, bench seating may be better.
  • Next up is the flooring. This will depend largely on where in the house the man cave is located. If it’s in the basement, you may need flooring that can withstand moisture. It’s also worth looking into flooring that will at least partially absorb sound.
  • Most man caves have at least a small gaming area, but the games that are featured depend entirely on the man. We’ve already mentioned pool, cards and video games. You may also consider setting up a small putting range or a dartboard.
  • No man cave is complete without an area for pouring and mixing drinks. At the bare minimum, you’ll want to install a small refrigerator here. Of course, a fully stocked bar is even better.
  • Regardless of the focus of the cave, there’s a good chance that the TV will get plenty of use. This is an area worth splurging. Invest in a large flat screen for optimal enjoyment.
  • If the man cave is going to double as a workshop, you’ll want to set up all of the hardware and apparatuses needed to ply your trade.

When done well, a man cave is nothing short of a masculine sanctuary. And don’t forget the importance of fitting this space out with adjustable shelves, drawers and other storage fixtures. Lifestyle Wardrobes WA can help you with these details. Contact us through the website to find out more.