If you are looking to reboot your home’s look this year, the bedroom is a great place to start. For most of us the bedroom is a place of relaxation, a peaceful slumber zone where we can escape life’s worries for some serious rest and recuperation. Let’s face it, we spend a significant part of our lives in our bedrooms so we owe it to ourselves to create a perfect haven.  

With 2017 now well underway a number of bedroom design trends are emerging as the must-haves for the year. Luxury and sophistication is definitely the way to go, with fabric bedheads, warmer colours and soothing spaces making a big comeback as we begin to prepare for the winter months.

If you feel it’s time to revitalize your bedroom, here are some on-trend tips for creating a space you will look forward to coming back to:

Wardrobes & Storage

This may not seem like the most obvious place to start, but how you arrange your wardrobes and storage can be integral to your bedroom redesign. Not only will your wardrobe set-up impact the overall look and feel of your bedroom, but well thought out wardrobe designs will also allow you to remove clutter and free up the space you need to create the perfect bedroom for you.

If you have the budget and the available space, we would highly recommend considering a walk-in wardrobe for your bedroom. As well as providing the optimum in storage and accessibility, even smaller walk-in wardrobes can double as private personal dressing rooms, removing much of the clutter and unnecessary furniture from your main bedroom.

For smaller bedrooms, built-in wardrobes may be the better option. Customised wardrobes designed for maximum functionality in your available space can also free up valuable real estate for new and exciting features in your bedroom. While not as spacious as walk-in wardrobes, internal features such as adjustable shelving units, shoe shelves and drawers can make a big difference, while options such as sliding wardrobe doors can give you the extra space to design your bedroom the way you want it.

A specialist wardrobe company in Perth should be able to help you get the very most from your available space while offering colours and designs that will enhance your bedroom’s new look.

A Multipurpose Space

The bedroom as a multipurpose living space is emerging as a strong design trend for 2017. Think of it as having a luxurious hotel suite in your own home. Maximising space to allow for comfy armchairs, a TV space, a reading nook or a work space can make your bedroom feel like a place you want to spend more time in.

Smart and economical use of wardrobe and storage space can help you free up the room you need to make this happen. While you may not have the room for every feature you might like, each square foot of extra space opens up new opportunities for making your bedroom more than just a place to sleep.

Colour & Lighting

Once you have planned out how you want to use the space available to you, it is time to start putting your personal touch on your new bedroom. Colour and lighting will be an integral part of the look and feel of your room and 2017 trends are bringing some exciting new ideas.

First of all, beige is definitely out. For a truly contemporary look opt for more dramatic colours. Yellows are in, as are many greens, greys and blues. Natural pastel shades, and even wallpaper, are also on-trend this year.

The right colour for your bedroom will depend on natural lighting, your existing furnishings and whether you want a more modern or traditional feel. With the move towards richer, bolder colours, you may want to consider your internal lighting carefully. Adding extra sources of light for those short winter days will make your bedroom feel more welcoming and comfy. If you want to go for something a little bit different, wardrobes with internal lighting and translucent glass doors can be used as an innovative way to brighten up your bedroom.

The Old & The New

When it comes to bedroom décor, 2017 is all about mixing things up. There are no set rules to follow, allowing you to get creative and put your personal touch on your new design. Many homeowners are opting the mix the old with the new this year, which is great for combining your existing and antique furniture and heirlooms with more modernistic features. Your great grandmother’s armchair and wireless tech charging bedside tables in the same room? It might just work!

Of course a piece of furniture doesn’t have to be an antique to make it worth keeping. Painting existing furniture and buying new bed linen, throws, cushions and rugs can all help revamp your bedroom’s look without breaking the bank. And don’t forget to look out for features that are so old they have come back into fashion. Eclectic is in this year, so don’t be afraid to mix things up.

If you are ready to take the first step in your bedroom redecoration adventure, Lifestyle Wardrobes can help you get the very most from your available space. Contact us today to find out how our contemporary wardrobes can help you create a unique and modern look for 2017.