It’s common knowledge that large mirrors make a space look bigger – it’s a not-so-secret trick that interior designers have relied on for decades. They give the illusion of depth, reflect both natural and artificial light, and can make any room appear elongated when placed at smart angles.

Mirrored wardrobe doors make a space look larger in two key ways: they conceal messy clothes storage (messy spaces make a place look much more cramped) and the mirrors reflect the room back on itself to make it look far more spacious.

Here’s all the benefits to installing mirrored wardrobes in your rooms, and the different types you can get. If you’re considering mirrored wardrobes as a storage solution in your home, come around to the idea by checking out Lifestyle Wardrobes’ beautiful garment solutions, from sliding door wardrobes to fully renovated walk-in rooms.

1. Frameless Mirror Wardrobes

This is the full-length mirrored option for those who want to almost double the look of their room space. The visual illusion of covering a whole wall, floor to ceiling, with mirrors increases the size of your room exponentially. A full wall wardrobe also holds a lot more clothing, accessories and objects – the more you can store away out of sight, the more space you really have!

These wardrobes are installed with ultra-strong safety mirror glass to prevent shattering. You can also choose the finish colours of the storage inside, from the shelving to the rails and handles. Install shoe rocks, shelving and clothing rails to make the most of your storage. Jewellery storage and specialised units like tie racks can also be included, so your items are kept neat and safe.

2. Framed Mirror Wardrobes

These stylish wardrobes are commonly made from wooden doors with mirrored panels installed. This type looks much more at home in cosy, traditional rooms with soft furnishings and vintage pieces, than modern and clean full-mirrored wardrobe doors.

To benefit from the illusion of space provided by large mirrors, perhaps ask your wardrobe fitters about the possibility of your mirrored panels reaching from floor to ceiling. When a mirror reflects both the ground and ceiling it helps to open up the space a lot more than shorter ones.

3. Sliding Doors

Mirrored sliding doors help to both conserve and create the look of space. Rather than having hinged doors which open out into the room, sliding doors keep things ergonomic and functional, and don’t encroach on space.

Hinged doors mean that you have to be wary of what you place around the doors, dictating the use of space in your room; whereas sliding doors removes this problem, and means you can put furniture partially in front of the doors if needs be.

Choose mirrored sliding doors to make the best use of your space, especially in small rooms.

4. Placement of Mirrors

Tip: ensure your mirrored wardrobe is installed where it can reflect your window, main lighting and lamps. Reflecting light is the most important factor to making a room seem brighter, airier and more spacious. If you only have a small window in your room, which makes it seem darker and therefore more cramped, the best way to combat this is to use mirrors to create more light.

5. Clutter-free

As we mentioned, full-wall mirrored wardrobes help to create the illusion of more space in your room because they provide a lot of storage space. Don’t just stop at using your concealed storage for clothes – you could store your hairdryer, books, laptop, important documents, makeup, etc. in there too.

Anything that doesn’t need to be out on display should be neatly stored away – clean floors and surfaces both makes things look bigger and tidier, and also helps to reduce stress and create a relaxing environment; just what we all want from our bedrooms.

The trick to gaining more space in any room is to de-clutter. Combining mass storage with reflective doors is a win-win for generating space in your room.

6. Mirrored Cupboards

If you don’t have the space for a full wardrobe in your room, cheat by creating the same effect with cupboards. This works to increase storage and reflect the room to make it look more spacious to the eye.

When large mirrors aren’t an option, a good idea is to group smaller mirrors together. This gives a smaller ‘window’ effect, and still helps to make the room look more open and brighter. Again, station this opposite a source of either natural or artificial lighting to make the most of this effect.