Whether built-in or walk-in, wardrobes are more than a place in which to store clothing and other items, they’re a home addition that’s capable of transforming a bedroom in many ways. The right wardrobe can help to create more usable space in the bedroom while maximising storage space and giving the room a more modern and roomier appearance. However, the benefits bespoke wardrobes deliver depend on a number of factors, including quality, design, functionality and suitability, which means the homeowner needs to install the right built-in wardrobe for their bedroom space.

At Lifestyle Wardrobes in Perth, we create beautiful bespoke wardrobes designed to the precise specifications of the bedroom space in which they’ll be installed, providing you with an outstanding storage solution which meets your precise requirements. In this article, we discuss five reasons why our custom wardrobes are an excellent investment in the appearance, functionality and value of your home.

1 – Custom Wardrobes are Designed Specifically for Each Bedroom Space

The polar opposite of mass-produced furniture in many ways, custom-made wardrobes are designed specifically for each bedroom space in which they’re installed. When you have built-in or walk-in wardrobes designed for your bedrooms, they’re made to the exact measurements of the space that they will occupy. That means they fit perfectly into the dimensions of the space, maximising every inch of the area, enabling you to store more clothing and personal items while enjoying a roomier, more spacious bedroom.

Not only are our custom-made wardrobes designed for the measurements of your bedroom, they’re designed for your lifestyle and storage requirements. Unlike factory-produced furniture, bespoke built-in wardrobes can be configured to any specification, enabling you to easily organise clothes, personal items and anything else you store in your bedroom. A variety of options are available, such as drawer units, shelving units and shoe shelving units, hanging shelves, wire baskets and jewellery drawers, which enables you to personalise your bedroom storage space to your exact requirements.

We’re happy to give you some ideas of the most popular configurations and guide your decisions to help you make the best choices about the custom built-in wardrobes we design for your bedrooms. Whether you’re after a built-in hinged wardrobe for a heritage look and feel or a contemporary-style wardrobe with sliding doors (an excellent choice for small bedrooms), we’ll help you select the ideal custom storage solution, ensuring it meets your aesthetic, functionality and storage requirements.   

2 – High-Quality, Custom-Made Furniture Delivers a Longer Lifespan

As with all items of furniture, high-quality wardrobes that have been custom designed and made for the space in which they will be installed deliver greater durability, longevity and, therefore, a longer lifespan. This is not only due to the use of better quality materials, but also the greater attention to detail, the care and the passion that goes into the creation of beautiful, bespoke bedroom furniture.

As leading providers of custom-made furniture, Lifestyle Wardrobes takes great pride in creating beautiful bedroom storage solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations and further cements our reputation as Perth’s bespoke wardrobe specialists. Unlike factory workers who make mass-produced furniture, our experienced cabinetmakers have a vested interest in consistently delivering premium quality wardrobes as our excellent reputation among our local customer base is at stake.

That means when you entrust your new wardrobes to our team of designers and cabinetmakers, you’re assured a premium quality, bespoke wardrobe that will provide you with many years’ service. And for further assurances of quality with our custom wardrobes, all our wardrobe installations are backed by a 10-year guarantee.

3 – Custom-Made Furniture Adds Equity to Residential Properties

The right custom-made wardrobes can add equity to your home, enabling you to recuperate a high percentage of your investment in high-quality bedroom furniture when you sell. Naturally, this is dependent on a variety of factors, including the suitability of the wardrobes in relation to bedrooms, their condition and functionality at the time of sale and the number of bedrooms with built-ins.

However, when your built-in or walk-in wardrobes have been designed, manufactured and installed by our experienced cabinetmakers, you can rest assured that they’re an investment that not only adds to the equity of your home, but also makes it more appealing to homebuyers. Additions like built-in wardrobes are a strong selling point, one that can help to differentiate your home from others on the local property market. Take a quick look at any real estate agency website and you’ll immediately notice just how many property listings mention built-in wardrobes in the description.

4 – Custom-Built Wardrobes Provide Space-Saving Benefits

The space-saving benefits that built-in furniture provides in comparison to freestanding furniture are widely known, making built-in wardrobes an excellent means of maximising space, both storage space and usable space. This is especially the case with small or irregular-shaped bedrooms, but it’s in all homeowners’ best interests to maximise space in every bedroom, regardless of size.

With the right built-in wardrobes, a ‘cosy’ bedroom becomes airier and roomier, which increases its usability while providing adequate space for storage. And as custom-made built-in wardrobes can be wall to wall, floor to ceiling, end panel to end panel or installed in an existing recess, among other installation options, they’re the ideal storage solution, regardless of the bedroom’s size or layout.

5 – Custom Furniture Specialists are Customer-Orientated

For homeowners seeking the perfect bedroom storage solution, one that will maximise both storage and usable space, working with customer-focused professionals is important. When you shop for mass-produced furniture, the sales staff may be very friendly and helpful, but they’ll never be able to deliver the outstanding customer experiences our custom furniture experts take pride in delivering.

At Lifestyle Wardrobes in Perth, we take great satisfaction in providing products and services that exceed expectations by getting to know our clients and what they want to achieve with their budget to design, manufacture and install aesthetically appealing, space-saving custom-made wardrobes that transform bedroom spaces. To learn more about our complete custom wardrobe service, from design to installation, please don’t hesitate to contact Lifestyle Wardrobes today.