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Mirrors are the ultimate illusion of space solution for small rooms or, indeed, just extending large ones. Reflective wardrobe doors are a staple in the bedroom for providing lots of storage space and giving the visual illusion of a larger room; but mirrored cabinets and cupboard doors can be utilised in all rooms of the house for the same effect.

Read on to learn stylish interior design tips for incorporating mirrors into every room in your home in Perth – not just the bedroom.

1. Bathroom

Of course, we all have a bathroom mirror – they’re necessary for grooming, brushing teeth and doing our hair. But have you considered reflective cabinets to conserve space?

An above-sink medicine cabinet is a great way to store medicines out of reach and sight of children (they wouldn’t even have to know what is inside, especially if it is kept locked), and removes the need for separate cabinets and mirrors, taking up more space in the room.

Under-counter mirrored cupboards would be a unique and chic addition to your bathroom. They might require an extra wipe down every week due to the steam and condensation that collects on bathroom surfaces, but this is a quick, easy task with a glass wipe.

Mirrors inside shower stalls and lengthways above baths are also sophisticated choices. Get creative with your mirror choices for a unique and personalised bathroom.


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2. Kitchen

Mirrored framed cupboard doors are an interesting touch to any kitchen. Make sure they reflect light, by being positioned opposite a window or light fixtures, to create an airy and bright feel to the room.

Mirrored splash backs stationed behind the hob are an underused interior design convention. Especially when positioned opposite a window, they reflect the view of the garden or outside area back into the room to create a beautiful focal point. It’s true that splash backs get messy with cooking stains quite quickly, and not every likes the idea of having to hire a cleaner. Another great option is mirror-chrome light fixtures, like hanging pendants. Pendants are a vintage-revived contemporary design trend that is gaining traction in the interior design business – get ahead of the trends now and choose some for your kitchen refit.

3. Baby’s Bedroom

What does a baby need with mirrors, you ask? They obviously won’t use it to decide on an outfit or fix their hair, but studies have shown that babies interacting with reflective surfaces actually helps their development.

When they see a mirror at their height, babies and toddlers will crawl towards it to see their reflection – narcissism starts young! Looking in a seeing glass helps them to develop motor skills and a sense of self-awareness. Obviously, mirrors are hard surfaces; so if you have mirrored cupboards in your baby’s room, ensure the edges are properly softened and that you don’t leave babies crawling around unsupervised.

4. Living Room

Placing something shiny and reflective above a fireplace is a classic interior design technique dating back to Baroque times. If you’re lucky enough to have a big open fireplace, decorate it with an ornate mirror. This also helps to create depth in a room – a mirror positioned above eye-level (e.g. above a fireplace) reflects space and can make a smaller room look much larger.

In modern living rooms, full-length mirror cupboards and wardrobe doors look chic and on-trend. Counteract the shiny surfaces with a lot of white, and soft furnishings like fluffy rugs and cushions. In a room with lots of reflective glass and metalwork, white will accentuate brightness the best, making great use of natural light. This means it’s a good idea for use in small rooms, but makes large rooms look even bigger.

An unusual design trend has introduced the mirrored barn door. Barn doors are sliding doors that move sideways along a rail to reveal the entryway between rooms. They’ve recently been revived as a unique feature in trend-setting homes, and are further updated by installing mirrors on the entire front face. This creates a kind of ‘hidden door’ look that is extremely fashionable and won’t be seen anywhere else.

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