If you’ve never had one before and you are a fashion buff, then chances are you have probably been dreaming of a walk-in wardrobe for your entire life. Just picture: a beautiful space to display all of your favourite items in a way that you can easily access everything that you own. The concept itself is dreamy.

But what if we told you there is an added bonus to having a walk-in wardrobe that you probably haven’t thought of? You’ve been so busy thinking about what things will be like inside your wardrobe that you haven’t even stopped to consider the way that having one will change things outside of your walk-in wardrobe. In fact, the whole rest of your space is likely to be cleaner and more organised. Here are 3 reasons why:

1. They Get Your Clothing Out of the Way

When you are dealing with a wardrobe that is small, odds are that you have to have multiple furniture pieces in which to store your clothing, shoes, and accessories. It is standard for people to have one or more dressers, shelving units, and bins out in their living space in order to store their things. However, a walk-in wardrobe provides all the room needed for your clothing items, shoes and accessories in one area so that they don’t have to be taking up space in the rest of your living area.

This means that you will have more room to organise your other belongings throughout the rest of your living space. You will have the ability to designate a spot for everything without your clothing or shoes getting in the way. In turn, this space designation and less visible stuff will make your living space look and feel more organised as a whole.

2. They Are Custom-Designed with a Spot for Everything

If you live in a smaller space, or have a family that has a lot of things, then you feel the pain of looking for a specific shirt or pair of earrings when all of your belongings are spread out all over the place. One of the most beautiful things about a walk-in wardrobe is that they have a spot for everything, so you never have to search for those earrings again!

A well-organised and well-designed walk-in wardrobe is a blessing to those who are always having trouble finding their clothes, shoes, and accessories. With a thoughtful layout, a walk-in wardrobe can allow for everything to have a rightful place and stay there. This keeps your living space free of clutter and keeps your wardrobe organised and easy to navigate. When thinking about how to design a walk-in wardrobe so as to designate a spot for everything, consider your needs and then work with an expert to enact your plan in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

3. They Maximise the Amount of Space for Other Things

It seems like a self-explanatory concept, but a lot of people don’t realise just how much space is being taken up by their clothing, shoes, and accessories. Once you have those all out of the way in a designated area, it allows so much more room for the rest of your belongings. This allows you to organise your space in a way that flows well and is visually appealing.

You can display items that you wanted to but may not have had the space for before, as well as tuck away things that you would rather not be out in the open. If your walk-in wardrobe frees up a dresser, or even one corner of one room, you are going to be able to better organise your belongings so that your home looks less cluttered and is much easier to navigate.


A good walk-in wardrobe can change your life in many ways. It will maximise the efficiency of the way that you live and make your home and living space look so much better. With everything that you need to get dressed tucked away in one designated area, you will be able to better organise the rest of your belongings out in your living space.

With a smartly designed walk-in wardrobe, the whole rest of your home will be cleaner, more organised, and feel better. To get started on improving your living space with a walk-in wardrobe, contact us at Lifestyle Wardrobes today! Our consultants will work with you on designing, implementing, and building the perfect wardrobe for your home space.