7 Ways to Reduce Clutter in Your Wardrobe

If you’re struggling to close your wardrobe or feel frustrated every time you try to find something in it, it could be time to reduce the clutter. However, while many of us might have the best intentions when it comes to cleaning out our wardrobes, this can easily fall to the bottom of the priority list. Therefore, you need a step by step approach to make this task a manageable one. To get you started, here are seven ways you can reduce clutter in your wardrobe, starting today!   How To Reduce Clutter In Your Wardrobe:   1. Start Small   We might have grand ideas about sorting out our entire wardrobe in a weekend, but often this doesn’t happen because it is a really overwhelming task! To make things easier on yourself, start small. Start by going through your clothing and removing all of the items that are torn,… Read More

How To Organise Your Wardrobe With Minimalism In Mind

“You never wear any of your clothes!” These are a few words that may resonate with you, whether from a surprised partner or friend upon discovering your minefield of clothing. Although you may find yourself complaining about the mass of clothes that seem to rain down upon you every time you open the wardrobe doors, chances are, this is not a lingering thought and before you know it you will have moved on with your day. Minimalist Wardrobe Organisation We’d like to suggest an alternative, a step towards a lifestyle change. Dear readers, we present: Minimalism! Although this concept may seem daunting at first, we encourage you to relax. It doesn’t quite mean that you’ll end up in an empty room with echoing cupboards. Fact: 4-5% of landfill waste is composed of thrown out clothing. This is not a great statistic in the space of becoming more conscious about waste… Read More