Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer to Winter

As the temperature begins to drop, you may find yourself reaching for sweaters and boots rather than mini-skirts and thongs. If you don’t have unlimited closet space (and who does?), this means that it’s time to transition your wardrobe from summer to winter. Take the Chance to Declutter Since you’ll be removing and examining your clothes anyway, this seasonal wardrobe transition is an excellent opportunity to declutter your wardrobe. Carefully examine each garment for stains, tears, rips, missing buttons or other signs of wear. If it’s a favourite piece and it can be repaired, set it aside for a trip to the tailor. Otherwise, garments that are damaged can be discarded. After you remove garments that are damaged, the next step is to remove clothes that don’t fit you properly. If your size has changed, go ahead and let go of the old items and take it to an op… Read More