4 Rooms That You Should Install Mirrored Wardrobe Doors

Mirrors are the ultimate illusion of space solution for small rooms or, indeed, just extending large ones. Reflective wardrobe doors are a staple in the bedroom for providing lots of storage space and giving the visual illusion of a larger room; but mirrored cabinets and cupboard doors can be utilised in all rooms of the house for the same effect. Read on to learn stylish interior design tips for incorporating mirrors into every room in your home in Perth – not just the bedroom. 1. Bathroom Of course, we all have a bathroom mirror – they’re necessary for grooming, brushing teeth and doing our hair. But have you considered reflective cabinets to conserve space? An above-sink medicine cabinet is a great way to store medicines out of reach and sight of children (they wouldn’t even have to know what is inside, especially if it is kept locked), and removes the… Read More

What You Should be Looking for in a Wardrobe Solutions Company in Perth

When searching for a wardrobe solutions company in Perth, it’s important to consider the following aspects and how the company can help you with them. Installing wardrobes has the express purpose of freeing up space in your home; but there are many ways this ideal can be pushed to create even more space with tips and tricks commonly used by interior designers. Discover these tips and tricks here, plus find out which unit style will work best in your home and for your preferences. Mirrored Wardrobes Mirror-fronted storage both organise and conceal your garments, and have a two-in-one function in built-in mirrors, which frees up your wall space for pictures, art, lamps, etc. Full-length mirrors are best used, so you can see your whole outfit and create the illusion of more space and depth in the room. All good wardrobe companies will be able to create custom mirror and shelving… Read More

6 Ways Mirrored Wardrobe Doors Can Make Your Small Space Look Bigger

It’s common knowledge that large mirrors make a space look bigger – it’s a not-so-secret trick that interior designers have relied on for decades. They give the illusion of depth, reflect both natural and artificial light, and can make any room appear elongated when placed at smart angles. Mirrored wardrobe doors make a space look larger in two key ways: they conceal messy clothes storage (messy spaces make a place look much more cramped) and the mirrors reflect the room back on itself to make it look far more spacious. Here’s all the benefits to installing mirrored wardrobes in your rooms, and the different types you can get. If you’re considering mirrored wardrobes as a storage solution in your home, come around to the idea by checking out Lifestyle Wardrobes’ beautiful garment solutions, from sliding door wardrobes to fully renovated walk-in rooms. 1. Frameless Mirror Wardrobes This is the full-length… Read More