Create a Comfortable and Productive Home Office Space in Ten Easy Steps

Working at home is not for everyone but when you’ve made that leap you can really appreciate the benefits. One of these is the freedom to design your home office to perfectly suit your needs, but you also have to ensure that work doesn’t creep into every other area (kitchen table, sofa in the sitting room etc.). A quiet environment can be very helpful when you have deadlines and when you have control over your surroundings, you can tailor everything from the kind of desk you want and where it’s positioned to the things that you put in there to boost your productivity. Lifestyle Wardrobes WA, experts in home storage solutions in Perth, have gathered 10 tips to help you create a perfect functional space that is comfortable for you to work in.   Choose a quiet space for your home office If you can choose a room, try to… Read More

From top to bottom: toy storage around your home

Any parent will tell you that for a healthy and harmonious home life, you need toy storage that allows your little treasures to access their favourite teddy bears or building blocks quickly, easily and without tears. When searching for wardrobes in Perth you may find that conventional storage units – like those that keep your clothes away from the explorative nature of your children’s sticky fingers, or those elegant pine bookcases – might not always be the right idea.     Boxes, boxes, boxes Stacking flimsy boxes on top of each other, or keeping a treasure chest of toys that can only be opened by some fidgety buckle, will only frustrate and upset your little ones and can even be a hindrance to you when you’re trying to find something to pacify them with. Toy storage is a matter of taking into account how your kids reach for their playthings… Read More

10 Tips for Creating the Perfect Home Office

Whether you’re working from home or starting your own business, having a designated work space is essential. It means you can separate your work and personal lives, and ensure everything is kept well-organised. However, designing an office is quite different to designing a room in your home, and it needs to be both practical and stylish. Here are a few tips to design a home office that will keep you productive, but also be a great place to work. Choose the right furniture Your desk is the cornerstone of your office, and it’s where you’ll spend several hours a day. Don’t just choose a desk because you like the style. It needs to be comfortable and practical, with the right amount of space. A desk that’s too big will dominate the space, but most people want some extra room to lay out their paperwork. Having a desk that’s the right… Read More