Getting Creative with Wardrobe Storage Space

Whether you have already bought new fitted wardrobes in Perth for your bedrooms or you are thinking of doing so in the future, the tips in this article should help you to make the very most of the storage space that such wardrobes provide and ensure that you do not need to purchase any more new storage units in the near future. Some of the following tips may be easier or more practical for you to implement than others but we think that all of them are worth considering if you often find yourself stuffing things into wardrobes and drawers willy nilly and you run out of space on a regular basis. Rethink the Interior Layout – The layout you initially chose for the fitted wardrobe in your main bedroom may have seemed like the best option at the time but having had time to reflect, you may now be… Read More

Helpful Hints When Choosing Sliding Doors for your Wardrobe

If you have decided that you would like to have beautiful bespoke fitted wardrobes installed in each of the bedrooms in your home but you are not sure which type of sliding doors will be most suitable for each one, the information in this article should help you to make the right choices. In it, we take a look at the factors you need to consider and how each factor will affect your choices. If, after reading the article and considering each factor carefully, you are still not quite sure which type of sliding wardrobe doors in Perth you should fit in your home, please feel free to call and ask for help. We have built, supplied and installed numerous fitted wardrobes in the city and surrounding area, and would be more than happy to share our experience with you so that you can make the right decisions for yourself… Read More

Turning a New House into a Home

Buying a new property can be a very exciting experience, especially if you have just invested in a house with a layout that you feel you can work with to create your perfect home. Custom-built furniture such as the fitted wardrobes in Perth that we manufacture and install provides a great way to start moulding your new property into a family home and there are many other ways in which you can make it your own. If you are new to interior decorating and design or just not very good at such things, you may find that it is harder than you had imagined to achieve the sometimes difficult feat of turning a new property into a beautiful, warm and welcoming home where you can truly relax and feel at peace with yourself at the end of each working day. If this is the case, we hope the tips below… Read More