Exciting Walk-In Pantry Ideas That Will Transform Your Home

It is a common misconception that walk-in pantries are a luxury for larger homes with sprawling kitchens and for homeowners with more space than they know what to do with. Thankfully, the wonders of modern kitchen design have well and truly debunked such myths. With smart use of available space and the latest in storage solutions a walk-in pantry could be a reality in your home, and for much less expense than you might expect. If you are planning a new home or renovation, a walk-in pantry can be achievable in any size of kitchen. In some cases, you may be lucky and have a coat closet or small utility room directly adjoining your kitchen that is just begging to be transformed into a pantry. If not, the solution may take a little more imagination, but you might be surprised by what is possible. Very often the secret is making… Read More

5 Reasons to Choose Wardrobes by Lifestyle Wardrobes

Choosing new wardrobes isn’t something you’re likely to do many times in your life. This is why it makes sense to go the extra mile when you invest in wardrobes for your new home or renovation. Chosen properly, your wardrobes will form an integral part of your home for decades to come, not just in terms of durability and functionality, but in the aesthetic sense as well. At Lifestyle Wardrobes WA we firmly believe that wardrobes are a long-term investment. Our expert craftsmen will work with you to find the perfect match for your existing décor and available space, and deliver quality results using the very finest materials. If you want the very best in craftsmanship, quality and design, here are just some of the reasons to choose Lifestyle Wardrobes WA for your custom wardrobes: Smart Wardrobe Designs While there may be a temptation to head down to the furniture… Read More

Innovative Storage Solutions for Home Office Spaces

Whether your home office is a separate room in your home or a space in another area, like the living room or bedroom, for example, implementing innovative storage solutions that empower you to get more from your available storage space is essential. At Lifestyle Wardrobes in Wangara, Perth, we offer home-based professionals an exceptional selection of custom designed storage cupboards that are perfect for making the most of small spaces and look stylish in all home office environments. To give you a few ideas with regard to what can be achieved with the right storage solution design and high-quality materials, here we look at innovative storage solutions for all home office spaces. Floor to Ceiling Storage Solutions Whether your home office occupies a small or large room in your home, floor to ceiling storage solutions enable you to maximise storage space along the wall while minimising the floor space occupied…. Read More

How to Choose the Right Built-In Wardrobe for Your Bedrooms

In terms of functionality, after your bed the next most functional item in your bedroom is likely to be your wardrobe. However, while your bed performs a rather simple albeit important function, your wardrobe requires significantly more consideration as it provides storage for a variety of items, some of which you use regularly and others infrequently at the best of times. That means there’s a lot to consider when choosing the right built-in wardrobe for the bedrooms of your home. At Lifestyle Wardrobes, we aim to make implementing the perfect storage solution as simple and easy for our clients as we can. However, buying a new built-in wardrobe is an important investment that can add outstanding value to your property, which means you need to make informed choices and decisions about your new wardrobes. Here are some tips to help you make the right choices. Evaluate Your Current Wardrobe A… Read More