How to Repurpose Your Bedroom Space for Storage in 2017

Search terms featuring keywords and phrases such as ‘declutter’, ‘war on clutter’ and ‘makeover’ are among the most commonly used in early January, with many people looking for new ways to free up space and make their homes less cluttered and easier to keep clean and free of mess. Whether decluttering your home topped your New Year resolution list in 2017 or you opted to focus on something else this year, chances are that you and your family could use more space at home. As Perth’s wardrobe specialists, the team at Lifestyle Wardrobes has helped many homeowners implement innovative storage solutions that empower them to repurpose their bedroom space. As you’ll realise after reading this short article, in most Australian homes it’s the bedrooms that offer the greatest potential for the implementation of storage solutions. That means if you’re looking for inventive ways to free your home of clutter and… Read More

5 Reasons a Custom Wardrobe Is Worth the Investment

Whether built-in or walk-in, wardrobes are more than a place in which to store clothing and other items, they’re a home addition that’s capable of transforming a bedroom in many ways. The right wardrobe can help to create more usable space in the bedroom while maximising storage space and giving the room a more modern and roomier appearance. However, the benefits bespoke wardrobes deliver depend on a number of factors, including quality, design, functionality and suitability, which means the homeowner needs to install the right built-in wardrobe for their bedroom space. At Lifestyle Wardrobes in Perth, we create beautiful bespoke wardrobes designed to the precise specifications of the bedroom space in which they’ll be installed, providing you with an outstanding storage solution which meets your precise requirements. In this article, we discuss five reasons why our custom wardrobes are an excellent investment in the appearance, functionality and value of your… Read More

Bedroom Looking a Bit Dated? Revitalise It for 2017 with These Styling Tips

If you are looking to reboot your home’s look this year, the bedroom is a great place to start. For most of us the bedroom is a place of relaxation, a peaceful slumber zone where we can escape life’s worries for some serious rest and recuperation. Let’s face it, we spend a significant part of our lives in our bedrooms so we owe it to ourselves to create a perfect haven.   With 2017 now well underway a number of bedroom design trends are emerging as the must-haves for the year. Luxury and sophistication is definitely the way to go, with fabric bedheads, warmer colours and soothing spaces making a big comeback as we begin to prepare for the winter months. If you feel it’s time to revitalize your bedroom, here are some on-trend tips for creating a space you will look forward to coming back to: Wardrobes & Storage… Read More

Can I Increase the Value of My Home with Walk-in Wardrobes?

In a time of falling house prices, more home owners are seeking innovative ways to boost the value of their property. Even if you are not planning to sell your home right now, attractive and practical home improvements can make your home a more pleasant place to live and can significantly add to the value of your property when the time comes to sell. Property prices in Perth are on a downward trend at the moment, and have been for almost two years. Prices in Western Australia’s capital city fell 1.6 percent in the last quarter of 2016, taking the year’s loss to 4 percent. The extent of house price drops has varied dramatically from suburb to suburb. While many beachside suburbs such as Fremantle, Yanchep and Falcon experienced property price increases, most suburbs have shown a negative trend. Many of these, such as Carmel and Cloverdale, were down more… Read More