How to Maximise Wardrobe Storage Space

Storage is often an issue in the home. As the years pass you naturally acquire more things so areas can get rather cramped especially in the bedroom. Finding the right outfit suddenly takes much longer, certain items seem to be disappear, and the space in your wardrobe gets smaller with each passing day. All of which make the mornings far more stressful than it needs to be. Often the amount of space available is not the problem. With some simple changes and new additions that we describe here, you can better manage your wardrobe space and make getting ready in the morning effortless. 1. Declutter Your Wardrobe The first step is the hardest but also the most important. No amount of sorting will help if your wardrobe is too cluttered. Start by clearing out your entire wardrobe including your clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. This helps to better assess what… Read More

Assessing the Costs For a Wardrobe Renovation

An organised wardrobe is essential for any bedroom. Nothing is more frustrating than lack of space or items that go missing right when you need them. Without a logical system in place for your wardrobe, it makes it that much harder to find the right outfit for the day. Those minutes that are spent digging through your wardrobe can really start to add up. If this describes your current situation, a wardrobe renovation is definitely in order. But one concern that many people naturally have is the cost involved. Here we look at the different options available and how much you can expect to spend. Do it Yourself Storage Solutions Even on a budget there are simple changes you can make that can practically double the usable space in your wardrobe. This includes using a combination of hangers, shelves, and boxes to keep your clothes neatly organised. Other solutions include… Read More

4 Steps to Completely Remodelling Your Wardrobe

A messy wardrobe can be overwhelming. Nothing is more frustrating than searching through each corner to find a matching bag or have things go completely missing. Piles of clothes only grow larger to the point where it becomes almost impossible to find the right outfit. A wardrobe remodel can easily address these issues and bring a smile to your face as you get ready in the morning. The key to a successful renovation project lies in effective planning. Here we look at the steps involved to completely transform your wardrobe. 1. Determine Your Wardrobe Needs Wardrobe requirements are different for everyone. The first step to planning a wardrobe remodel is to turn your attention to what your needs are. This step is absolutely crucial to create an area that reflects your lifestyle. Wardrobe layouts for men typically include tie and belt racks along with shelves for shoes while women may… Read More